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Colourful Studio Collection

KeyShot 10 and later

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Save 20% when you buy our entire Colourful Studio Collection as a set!

This collection contains KeyShot package files (.KSP) for all of the following Momnt assets:

STU006 Stencil Studio

STU007 Cluster Studio 

STU008 Stacked Plinth Studio

STU009 Sine Wave Studio 

STU010 Spline Plinth Studio

You can find more details about the individual studios on their product listings.

Please note, any product/s featured in Studio promo images are not included in the package.

Designed and rendered by Chloe Wong and Liam Martin.

    What You Get

    KeyShot Package Files (.KSP)

    KeyShot Scene Files (.BIP) as backups

    Texture maps (bundled in the .KSP file. These can be unpacked and accessed with an active KeyShot license).

    Instruction Manual

    .FBX or .OBJ files can be exported directly from KeyShot, should you want to use any geometry in another program.

    Instant Download

    Download page appears after checkout so you can access your purchased files instantly.


    We advise using RTX graphics cards (ideally RTX 2070 and above) with Keyshot in GPU mode, or an 8-core CPU as a minimum to run our interior files. 3070 and above recommended for smoother performance and reasonable render times.

    This collection contains KeyShot 10 packages. You will need KeyShot version 10.0 and above to open the files and either KeyShot 10 Pro or Education to access most of the of the pre-configured features we have built in.

    Both our product and interior files are mastered in GPU mode.You may see different results in lighting and materials when rendering in CPU mode. Although, the disparity between them has decreased since the launch of GPU mode in KS9.

    Promotional images have been post-processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic.